Sitemap module

Easily create a user friendly sitemaps for your whole or parts of your website. Ideal for your users when they have created a page with several sub pages and want the parent page to show the available underlying pages.

Download source code

The source code of the Sitemap module is now availabe in various different formats:

Create a folder sitemap in the root of your SilverStripe folder and extract the content of the trunk folder to it. The ZIP archive is automatically generated, if you are extracting the ZIP file ensure that you go down to /modules/sitemap/trunk before extracting it's contents to your sitemap folder.


You can see the sitemap module in action on throughout this site.

  1. Complete sitemap
  2. Sitemap of underlying pages
  3. Another sitemap of underlying page.

Sitemap module functions

  1. It lets a user easily create a sitemap for the whole website.
  2. In a hierarchical website users often organise pages using subpages. They often do not include any information in the parent page, or fail to maintain the parent page properly. The sitemap module allows a user to quickly add a sitemap to such a parent page. The sitemap will be automatically updated with the information from the child pages.

Differences with Google Sitemaps

The sitemap generated with the Sitemap module is intended for visitors to your website and search engines.


  • Allows a sitemap to be create for any page in the website.
  • Create a sitemap for a different section of the website (you can set the parent page to any site page).
  • Set a maximum depth for the sitemap.
  • User can select which page attributes to include.
  • Allows for specification of separate stylesheet.
  • Easy extend module with your own page attributes.


Copy files in 'sitemap' folder to the root of your SilverStripe installation. Sitemap will be added to automatically to the Page class.


This module is ready to be extended if you would like to add specific data to your sitemap entries templates.
Extend the Sitemap class and extend the prepareTemplateData() function with data specific to your requirements.


SilverStripe minimum version 2.3.3 (May work with lower versions but not tested). Works with version 2.4.


  • v1.0 - 2 February 2010 
    Initial release
  • v2.0 - 17 June 2010
    Changes: Updated to work with SilverStripe 2.4, tree function added to OptionalTreeDropdownField class.
  • v2.1 - 29 September 2010
    Created svn repository for sitemap module.
    Fixed permission issue, links to pages are now only shown if you have permission to view them.
  • 9 September 2013
    Moved to github

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