This section contains SilverStripe modules and other SilverStripe code snippets that are hopefully useful.

  • Modules

    • EmailVerifiedMember

      EmailVerifiedMember is a plug and play module for SilverStripe CMS that requires users to confirm their email address before accessing the CMS. Can be applied to sub-classes of Member only if required.
    • Sitemap module

      Easily create a user friendly sitemaps for your whole or parts of your website. Ideal for your users when they have created a page with several sub pages and want the parent page to show the available underlying pages.
    • Invisible Spam Protection Module

      The InvisibleSpamProtection module is a simple anti spam protection based on principle that automated spammers enter bogus information in all form fields. It is based on the SpamProtection module, enabling the anti-spam measures to be applied to any form, including forms created with UserDefineForms module.
    • BreadcrumbNavigation

  • Widgets

    The following shared widgets have been created by Exadium.
    • Latest Blogs

      This is a simple widget to show the 10 (default) latest blog posts on for example your homepage. After installing simply drop the widget onto a page, set the title and number of blog posts to display and you are up and running.
  • SilverStripe Page Comment Email Notification

    Receive an email when a new page comment has been posted. Works with SilverStripe 2.3+ including version 2.4.
  • Silverstripe Coding

    Tips & tricks and various other code examples for SilverStripe.