Web Development

A website is an essential tool in the modern business environment to promote your company and attract customers. Exadium can make this an easy, hassle-free process.

Benefitting from Marijn's expertise in website marketing and search engine optimisation, Exadium will help you determine the goals, targets and audience of your website. Once these are defined, Exadium will design the site's content architecture to ensure that each target group can achieve their goals effectively as possible. This means your site will be usable, useful, and designed to appeal to the customers that it is targeted to.

Exadium can also create graphic design for your website, or work with a designer or agency to ensure the design, usability and marketing strategies all work together towards the same goal. Exadium uses an open source CMS to implement the content architecture and design, which enables the client to fully edit and amend the website independently.

The list on the right shows examples of web development work undertaken by Exadium, or download our CMS Buying Considerations guideline, they are specifically written for people who are considering a CMS.

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