Folk Open Air: multi lingual website

Exadium is a professional company when it comes to making good websites. Whenever I had a question or wanted to change something on the website, Marijn responded very quickly. When you are organising a music festival, things can change fast, and you have to react immediately. Exadium proved to be more than equal to this challenge.

As a foundation, we received a large number of compliments on our websites. Our poster, which was also designed by Exadium, and echoed the website design, received a lot of really positive feedback. I would definitely recommend Exadium. - Wouko van de Haar - Vice-President Stichting Zijde Oost and organiser Folk Open Air festival

Folk Open Air was an event that required a dual-language website in English and Dutch, with an accompanying Dutch-only site for the Festival's organising foundation.

All three websites are based on the same layout. The layout is designed by Exadium, using photographs provided by the client as inspiration. By incorporating different logos a distinct flavour for each of the two site was formed.

The Folk Open Air website contains a multi-language compontent offering the site in both English and Dutch. The multi-language compontent is one of the many features supported by the SilverStripe CMS used for this project. By leveraging the CMS system the client can easily maintain content on the site themselves, including incorporating videos of performances into the site.