About Exadium Web Development

Marijn Kampf, Exadium's founder, has been developing CMS based websites since 1997 and has been a professional Online Marketing Consultant since 2004.

Marijn started his career at Checkit Search Engine Media Bureau, a leading Search Engine Marketing company in the Netherlands, where he worked as an advertising and ranking consultant.

His career continued in the UK where he worked for a Web Development company in Cardiff, leading successful Search Engine Marketing projects for public and private sector clients.

Marijn founded Exadium in 2007 to accommodate his freelance projects whilst working in County Waterford, Ireland. After 2 successful years in Ireland, Marijn relocated Exadium to South Wales, and continues to provide services to web development agencies and directly to SMEs in the UK, Netherlands and Ireland. You can read testimonials from some satisfied clients on the clients pages.

Exadium is continuing to grow and develop in South Wales, offering clients a range of services to help maximise the return on their web presence.